Every Easter we come back to the same wonderful story, and every year we are reminded that resurrection people belong outside the graveyard. You will find Jesus among the living not the dead. Have you found new life in Christ? Your life is evidence that demands a verdict. Have you found new life in Christ? Your life is the only Gospel some people will ever read. Have you found new life in Christ? Your life either validates or invalidates the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. The Easter story invites us to abandon the graveyard and spread the Good News that Jesus has conquered death.

This Sunday and in the weeks ahead, we want people to read the story of our lives and see the Gospel, that Jesus has given us new life, and that same life is free and available to them. We will have many new people coming through our doors and we want them to receive the love of Jesus. Here are a few simple and practical ways to help them feel at home here:

  • Smile: A warm smile goes a long way in making someone feel welcome.
  • Friendly Greeting: If you see a face you haven’t seen before (even if that person comes regularly), give a friendly greeting. The whole atmosphere will feel warm and inviting.
  • Sit Near the Center of the Pews: We want our guests to be able to find a seat easily and sitting near the center of the pew communicates there is a place for them.
  • Parking Farther From the Main Entrances: If you are able, parking further away from the main doors (or even on the side streets) allows our first time guests access to our space and helps them feel at home here.

We know Bethany is a place many of you call home and we want you to extend the gift of that experience this Easter! We are excited for all this weekend holds as we celebrate the new life of Jesus together!

– Pastor Ryan