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February 27, 2022

Jan Irwin – A Bethany “Pinhead and Purl”

A Story of Kindness, Faith and Love – The Pinheads and Purls of Bethany

Proverbs 31:13 She works with her hands in delight.

In my opinion quilters and handcrafters have a special purpose from God.  They make and give often in very private quiet ways.  I believe most of their families know “there is love in every stitch.”  Others in the church or community appreciate a gift that they know someone has handmade and given from the heart.  There are still others who just need the lift of a gift to help them brighten their lives and need the healing it brings.  We as quilters and hand crafters all have been in need in our own time and love our hobby but love even more the idea of it healing someone else’s heart.  

Whether we quilt or craft with our hands or are a “blockhead” (men in the group) we try to share love for others as Jesus taught us through sharing our work.  There is so much love in this group.  I have learned a lot from seeing the Pinheads and Purls care for one another in life events.  They share skills with each other and gift their work as well as journey together to help others in need.  I joined this group because I liked the people in it and hoped to learn to quilt as an aside.  It is the women (and blockheads) who share so much love that bring me back time and time again.  The quilting and handwork are wonderful hobbies, but the group full of amazing people God has brought together even better.

The “Pinheads” have been a part of our church the longest.  They are the quilters in the group.  I can’t even begin to relate the deep history of the group.  Our own Andi Shannon was once a member. There are many others you would know also.  The list would be long! Some faces have changed with time, and new folks are always welcome whether they have quilted for a while or not at all like myself when I started.  

The “Purls of Wisdom” originated when Christina Rosmolen wanted to learn to knit, and Darlene Palmer agreed to teach her.  Judy Calvert took the leadership over and we spent many wonderful times together with all forms of handwork.  With Judy’s passing and the pandemic we have brought the groups together and include all quilting, knitting, and handwork in general.  We love visits from pastors, staff, or church folks while we meet.   

We were able to Zoom throughout the pandemic and made many masks as well as other quilts for the church people who were sick.  Also, quilts for the babies are so wonderful to give.  We share from Bethany also into the community. We take quilts and handwork to Love, Inc (Love in the Name of Christ Organization) and Secret Harbor for foster kids as well as other places in our community.  We gave baby blankets sets as well as warm hats for the food bank in Clearlake through Love, Inc.  Veterans at the Senior Center received many quilts this fall.  It has been so good to keep being able to love others during such a hard time for everyone.

We are blessed with a special place in Bethany to keep our tools of the trade and are so very thankful for this and a place to gather.

It is wonderful to meet with old and new friends.  There is always prayer, laughter, and a kind word.  We are so very blessed to hopefully bless others.