BCC Blog

September 29, 2021

Danny Weston

Skagit Youth Dynamics Area Director and BCC Youth Leader

Here’s the bottom line: every kid needs five adult fans. Any young person who shows any interest in Christ needs a minimum of five people of various ages who will say, “I’m going to love that kid until they are fully walking as an adult member of this congregation.” Chap Clark

3,2,1, Go! Eighteen youth, four at a time, run to the middle of the back parking lot at Bethany Covenant Church, grabbing cardboard for their team. Several of the youth are chanting “go golden glitter unicorns!” The excitement was high as the students cut, tore, taped, and molded the card to their bodies to make armor. Readying themselves for the crazy cardboard gladiator games to come. Youth group kicks off with a bang as Daniel Weston and six other volunteers have committed to building relationships with the youth at Bethany. These leaders are creating space to be the fans these kids need to encourage them in their faith journey. At our Wednesday night youth group, we are building a fun and challenging environment for students to learn about what it’s like to live out their faith through the Alpha video series. For those students wanting to go deeper, we are meeting together Sunday mornings in small discipleship groups where the youth can dig into the word of God and have accountability as they live out their faith