BCC Blog

October 10, 2021

Jenny Gard, Diaconate

What a blessing it has been to be on the deacon committee the last 3 years! I have gotten to know and work with some wonderful and faithful people. The deacons have the opportunity to serve the congregation and community in various ways. For instance, we help prepare, serve, and clean up communion. For those who have lost loved ones, we send cards and grief booklets. New congregation members are welcomed with a reception, introductions, and sharing our faith stories. In addition, thanks to your faithful generous support, we are able to share your gifts with those in need. I enjoy the delightful opportunities of coordinating the Thanksgiving and Easter food baskets given to bless those who otherwise not be able to celebrate the holiday with a special meal. Another occasion to serve is the monthly offering given to support Community Action and LOVE Inc., as well as working with them on specific needs.

For example, recently we donated to the Skagit Connections Shower Trailer program. They purchased a shower trailer with 4 shower bathroom stalls to help the homeless to have a place to clean up. Starting the end of October, a 15-minute shower can be scheduled at skagitconnections.org. The Shower Trailer will be in Mt. Vernon at New Life at the Well Church on Fridays (Haircuts are also offered at this location). On Sundays it will be located at North Cascade Seventh Day Adventist in Burlington, then in Anacortes on Mondays, and in Concrete on Wednesdays.

As a deacon, a favorite thing I get to do is help people with specific financial needs. This aid is always confidential so I cannot share the lovely stories of grace that your donations made possible. However, because you gave, we have assisted people with such needs as car repairs, rent, utility bills, medical bills, dental bills, funeral expenses, warm clothing, groceries, gas, dentures, glasses, hearing aids, school supplies, tuition, home repairs…This intervention made a huge difference in their lives. They were hungry, cold, poor, victims, injured, unemployed, grieving, divorced, homeless, widows, orphans, and regular people with overwhelming bills.

Thank you for your quiet yet generous giving. You have truly shown the love of Christ to them, and they are extremely grateful. If you or someone you know needs help let a staff member or a deacon know so we can reach out and try to aid them. If you are interested in joining the deacons let us know. -Jenny Gard

Current Deacons are: Dennis & Melissa Boe, John & Denise Hanstad, Kay Rabenstein, Jon Schubert, Kory Austin, Cory Kiehn, Jon & Carol Beima, Karen Cornish, Jackie & Tom Karsh, Doug Faber, Beth Baeslack