BCC Blog
November 10, 2021
Ivan Van Duyn, The Fellowship Team
“Time to have some fun working with others,”  says a team member of the fellowship team.   “Thanks for making this work today!” says pastor.  A willing volunteer says, “Sure I can make some cookies.  How many do you need?” Words of encouragement come across like these.
The Fellowship Team’s goal is to work with overall vision of the church on worship hospitality and event hospitality. The purpose of the the team is to plan and serve refreshments at the many church functions throughout the year. We are a group of people who have fun working together fostering ideas from enhancing the fellowship at Bethany through hands-on service. We have a willing heart and, with the help of many, the ability to serve when called upon.

The meetings are usually monthly or bimonthly.  It meets to discuss the needs of the ministry calendar and recruit volunteers. The activity is to help plan and serve at the many different events through the year.

How can you help?  Become part of the team, volunteer your time at one or two events, or make cookies when asked. A team member has a service heart and a willingness to be available when contacted. Also, you can enjoy and have fun working with other people! Foster ideas to assist the chairperson(s) create a seamless organization to best serve the church.
What activities are coming back? I can not answer that right now but we can be ready to serve.
Activities in the past or maybe in the future?
  • Coffee hours after worship services–have a coordinator to recruit and teach people the work of serving for this weekly ministry.

  • Family dinners on Wednesday nights during the school year-have a coordinator to plan the menu and recruit volunteers to help serve each week.

  • Yearly events–Easter, Mother’s Day, Confirmation Sunday, Tulip Festival concert, Big Lake baptism picnic, Thanksgiving eve service pie social, Preschool Christmas pageant, Christmas concerts.

  • Special events–provide memorial receptions for members/attendees of the church when the memorial is held at the church.

  • Occasional events-congregational meeting, staff member leaving, conference event our church hosts.

We are always looking for people to help. It can be one time serving, making cookies (it would be great to have a list of people to contact), or help planning an event. You can contact Ivan Van Duyn at church or at 360-899-4118.