Strengthen relationships among people of all ages around a shared experience

Growing vegetables and flowers in the garden creates an opportunity for volunteers to build relationships, share knowledge and then give to our community.

Teach basic skills for growing and preparing food

Volunteers experience every aspect of the program – from planning, planting, and maintenance to harvesting and preparing community share packages for church and Children of the Valley families.

Involve the garden community from cradle to grave

We intentionally include people of all ages in the community.

Cultivate attributes of patience and diligence while watching God’s creation at work

Planting a garden, in order to reap a harvest is a powerful faith-building tool. Before the harvest can be obtained there is work in planning, planting, and plant maintenance. This is also a spiritual principle that should be applied to our daily lives as well.

Enjoy the fruits of our labor and Grow supplemental food for our community

Volunteers share in the harvest – often 5-10 pounds of vegetables each week. We produce about 5,000 pounds of produce with half delivered to community and needy families through weekly share packages.

Volunteer Opportunities

Monday & Friday | 9:30am-12pm
January – October

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